dinsdag 10 mei 2016

The Internetz, Intimacy and Security

I have been blessed with a daughter that watches my internet activities like a hawk and urges me from time to time to update my privacy settings and is very suspicious of me visiting people that I meet on the net let alone me flying to the United Kingdom to meet them  , she is very happy that I did not join any dating apps and websites and is convinced that I will meet the love of my life while walking the dog or doing my daily shopping , how sweet …lol. Yesterday I saw a tweet in my timeline that I see often with the more famous people , it was a tweet urging the person to contact them as they seem in great distress , but one thing ladies and gentlemen, if you are in distress please contact your physician and not William Shatner or Mark Hamill , they are very nice and seem very sane and no doubt have a good amount of common sense but they are not doctors , well as far as i know anyway . The thing is we identify with celebs which can take some really weird forms. In the time I have my radio show I have encountered a few awkward moments on the net with people that for some reason talked to me as if they knew me and by the comments they made I began to feel very uncomfortable.  My daughter made an end to that , she ensured me that there is a life here , and a life on the net , she is right , stay in the here and now , and get a life , so you don’t need someone else’s …Thank the Universe  for daughters who are good with computers !!

Marta Lina

maandag 2 mei 2016

Wat een weekend , what a weekend , crashing someone elses b-party and being followed by photographers like celebs haha

zaterdag 25 juli 2015

I was on the dark side of the moon

I was on the dark side of the moon

There was no light for me
nothing to hold on too
nothing for me to hope 
I did not feel lonely
I did not feel blind
I  never felt abandoned

My eyes were not filled
with growing selfpity
Fought many battles 
on my ow strenght untill
someone tried to poke 
my eyes out 

I was on the dark side of the moon

there was no light for me
But seeing deep into my soul
I saw a flikker of hope 
The hand that tried to damage me
got cut of by a greater force 
a force of Love i never imagined
A love given to us all to use
to help others , to be there

I am there for u , here
on the dark side of the moon
He is there for u ..forever and 
ever and ever 

He loves u more than words
i only have words

<3 Marta Lina